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Education Support - Miss. Deborah Peters

On December 22, 2011, when 3 men knocked on the door of 14-year old Deborah’s home in Northern Nigeria, she answered. Her father Peter Wakai, a local pastor, was in the shower. Her brother Caleb was somewhere in the home, and her mother Hadiza had travelled to Lagos. The 3 men who knocked on the door, turned out to be members of an Islamist militant organization headquartered in Borno State: Boko Haram. As prominent Christians in the area, the family had been attacked before and Deborah recognized one of the men. When Caleb tried to stop them, they shot and killed him. “Why turn to Christianity?” the attackers asked the family repeatedly. The attackers then killed Deborah’s father. Deborah tried to run but the militants tied her between the bodies of her father and brother. The next morning, security forces, summoned by neighbors, arrived and freed Deborah.

Deborah has since undergone trauma counseling in the USA, and received a full scholarship to study at Mountain Mission School in Virginia, USA. On the 30th of September 2013, the foundation supported Ms. Deborah with a travel ticket to the USA to begin her studies.


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