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>> Our History
The Ina Omakwu Foundation (IOF) is a subsidiary of Family Ministries International (FMI)--an organization whose subsidiaries include the Family Worship Center (FWC), and The Royal Family Institutions. The IOF is named after FMI’s founder, Pastor Inalegwu Omakwu.

Since FMI’s commencement in 2013, it has engaged in humanitarian and development work, through its Missions Department. As of 2013, FMI Mission’s department has spent approximately N850,000,000 funding various activities including:
Building, renovating and supporting schools, churches, widows’ homes and orphanages in Nigeria (e.g. Jigawa, Kaduna, and Kano) and abroad (e.g. Uganda);
a. Providing relief support to victims of religious violence and other crises in places like Jos, Kaduna and Bauchi State;
b. Providing resource support for Nigerian prisons such as the Keffi prisons in Nasarawa state;
c. Pioneering monetary support and skills training for various widows and orphans; and
d. Engaging in community development initiatives such as digging wells in Kaduna state.

During his lifetime, Pastor Ina hoped to expand FMI’s charitable work. He dreamed of founding an organization called Operation Good Samaritan that would conduct large-scale humanitarian and development work on national and international levels. The IOF is the culmination of that vision and FMI’s most recent subsidiary.

The IOF commenced in September 2013, and is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Through IOF, Pastor Ina’s dream of using resources to touch humanity with God’s love is being fulfilled.

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